The Pro Factor:

checkmark iconPro Series Platform

The Digital Pro PLUS leverages the Pro Series platform to deliver a modular, hybrid chassis that adapts and scales in harmony with your business growth.

checkmark iconCompact, Modular Design

The Mark Andy Digital Pro PLUS is ingeniously crafted, offering a sleek and modular design that fits seamlessly into any workspace, optimizing space without compromising on functionality.

checkmark iconRapid Warm-Up & Consistent Quality

The machine boasts a quick warm-up time, ensuring that operations commence swiftly, coupled with a promise of delivering consistent and impeccable print quality every time.

checkmark iconPrecise Font Representation

Demonstrating its prowess in detail, it supports a minimum font size of 4 pt reserve and 2 pt positive type, ensuring clear and sharp text in all print tasks.

checkmark iconDurable Toner & Easy Consumable Access

With its long-lasting toner, the longevity of prints is guaranteed. Additionally, the ease of accessing all consumables through MAPP streamlines the printing process, making it efficient and hassle-free.

Model That Matches Converter Needs


Technical Specifications

Print Engine


Web Width

13 inch (330mm)

Print Widths

12.6 inch (320mm)

Print Resolution

1200 / 8 bit, 3600 DPI equivalent

Printing Process

CMYK Dry Toner Electrophotography,
Capable of Flexo

Max Speed

77 fpm (24mpm)

Die Repeat

4-24inch (102-610mm)

Print Repeat

7-48 inch (178-1195mm) digital banner mode
5.5-24inch (140-610mm)


PS, PP, PET, supported films

Roll Capacity

30inch (762mm) single rewind
20inch dual rewind


GEW E2C UV and UV LED options

Power Requirements

380-480 V 3 Phase (amperage dependent upon configuration)
200-240 single phase 24 amp

Pneumatic Requirements

100 PSI at 2 CFM


Optimal temperature range 68–72°F (20–22˚C)
Maximum temperature range 68–77°F (20–25˚C)
Ink storage 68–77°F (20–25˚C)
Optimum humidity range 40–60%
Dust controlled environment preferred

Converting & Finishing Options

Conventional die station
Semi rotary die station with 26” mag. Cylinder
Flexographic print station before and after digital module
Sheeter stacker conveyor
Digital module bypass
Cold foil
Slitting & scoring
Semi-rotary die station with repeat range 4”-24”

Service Requirement

6-8 bar (90-115psi) compressed air

With Digital Pro, The Possibilities Are Endless

Micro runs. Versioning. Variable data. Stronger competition. Shorter delivery times. These increasing demands are just a few reasons why Digital Pro is the solution for printing profitable prime labels. See for yourself. View our product gallery of labels and tags showcasing high quality print and maximum efficiency with decoration, diecutting, UV LED curing and finishing, all inline.

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  • Food and Beverage icon Food & Beverage Labels
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  • Promotional Tags icon Promotional Tags
  • Short Run and Seasonal icon Short Run and Seasonal
  • Wine and Spirits icon Wine & Spirits
  • Durables icon Durables
  • Lidding icon Foil Lidding
  • Labels icon Prime pressure sensitive labels
  • Durable & Industrial Labels
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