Versatile and Established

Known as the workhorse for label printing, the 2200 boasts multiple valuable attributes to allow for ease of operation and overall customer satisfaction. Current operators and owners of the technology report:

checkmark iconFlexibility

Featuring web tension management and superior drying and curing systems, the 2200 is a flexible and productive asset to your operation.

checkmark iconSimplicity

The operator master control panel provides the user with simple access and control of all press functions.

checkmark iconHigh Efficiency

Adds value with higher run speeds and faster changeovers at a smart investment level.

What Makes the 2200 Unique

Flexo 2200

Technical Specifications

Print Width

10/13/17 inch (254/330/430 mm)

Min Print Repeat

24 inch/ 610 mm

10 inch
5.5 inch/ 140mm

13 inch & 17 inch
7 inch/ 178mm

Max Die Repeat

24 inch/ 610mm

Underside 3 inch (76mm) BR
22.5 inch/ 572mm

Underside 4 inch (102mm) BR
19.25 inch/ 489mm

Max Print Stations


Unwind Capacity

40 inch/ 1016mm

Rewind Capacity

40 inch/ 1016mm


500 -750 FPM (230mm/min)

Produce High-Quality Labels

With a diverse application range, the 2200 can satisfy customers with varying needs. From high end tags and tickets to general label printing, the 2200 can print it all.

  • Labels icon General Label
  • Extended Content icon Multi-Web Path Applications
  • Promotional Tags icon Tags & Tickets