Fast, Simple and Precise Offline Inspection and Finishing In Your Press Room

checkmark iconKey Benefits

Finishing speed 3x faster than comparable machines, short-web path for high-productivity, and quick change for increased throughput
Quick set-up, dynamic operation, remote monitoring and support, easy HMI touchscreen, and job save
Highly accurate semi-rotary, ideal for 80% of label converters
Low up-front capital investment promotes faster ROI and an easier path to enhanced finishing capabilities

checkmark iconStandard Features

User-friendly operator interface with exclusive Servo-URC 2.0 drive system
Web width 13.5 inches (340 mm)
Maximum speed full rotary die cutting 750 fpm (228 mpm)
Maximum speed semi-rotary die cutting 250 fpm (76 mpm)
UV curing and drying system
Single station

DF1 Features

checkmark iconAll-in-one finishing and converting machine

In a single step, decorate, die-cut, slit, and strip labels to get product out the door faster than ever.

checkmark iconFast die cutting speed

Rotoflex DF1 is the fastest semi-rotary offline digital converting solution for single path embellishments, allowing you to take your digital label production to the next level.

checkmark iconSimple configuration, operation, and monitoring

With a single hybrid station, converters can quickly and easily set up the machine and let it do its job.

checkmark iconUnmet semi-rotary precision

Your final product turn out perfect with no extra effort from you.

Technical Specifications

Drive System

Servo URC 2.0

Web Width

13.5 inches (340 mm)


Full Rotary: 750 fpm (228 mpm)
Semi-Rotary: 250 fpm (76 mpm)

Die Mag. Cylinder Repeat Range

Full Rotary: 8.25 - 24 inches (290 - 609 mm)
Semi-Rotary: Up to 19 inches (482 mm)

Die Plate Repeat Range: Semi-Rotary

4 - 18 inches (101 - 457 mm)

Print Width

13 inches (330 mm)

Curing and Drying System


Maximum Unwind Diameter

28 inches (711 mm)

Basic Configuration Machine Dimensions (LxHxD)

51.2 x 74.8 x 48 inches
(1300 x 1900 x 1220 mm)


Cold Foil, Lamination
Spot Varnish Station
Dual Rewinds
Crush Knife, Shear Knife or Razor Slitting, or Underscore Slitting with Lateral Adjustment