sMArt link

sMArt link is Mark Andy’s real-time, on-press monitoring system that gives operation managers a real-time look at what is happening on the press floor allowing them to make immediate adjustments that will reduce waste and errors and generate time and cost savings. sMArt link works with new and existing Mark Andy presses as well as other makes and models and can be accessed through a cloud-based platform.



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With sMArt link the following is easily achievable:

Waste decrease
3% - 5%
Capacity increase
10% - 20%

5 to 30%

improvement in


Automate and collect data
from the production floor


Monitor and analyze
activities in real-time to
identify opportunities


Implement controlled changes
for production performance and improved

Total Business Solution

sMArt link is part of Mark Andy’s overall sMArt platform that includes automated set-up, ease of operation and software integration. sMArt link builds on Mark Andy’s objective to enable converters to quickly, easily and cost effectively produce and finish labels & packaging on automated, robust, flexible equipment that adapts to changes over time.

Developed after numerous consultations with our customers, we identified real pain points when it came to understanding how productive each piece of equipment, operator or facility truly was. From there we developed a tool that ties press and production data into a single robust analytical tool that is accessed from anywhere with internet access.

sMArt link FAQ's

Lot’s. With sensors and advanced integration, sMArt link collects accurate data on run speeds, up time, down time, waste and more. Combined with the robust analytics, you will be able to compare jobs, presses, operators or facilities and take action to improve overall effectiveness numbers.

Mark Andy has hundreds of sensors built into each press. The data collected from these sensors is presented in an easy to analyze way so you can understand how effectively the equipment is running. Access to dashboards and stored data provides valuable insight into what is working and what is not. Alarms can be set if press metrics are not being met giving supervisors an opportunity to make timely adjustments.
Data is collected 24/7 and is uploaded to an on-site server. From there, it can be viewed as dashboards on phones, tablets, or computers. Monitors can be displayed in the plant for real-time shop floor visibility. Data is pushed to the cloud where it can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Use this data to compare different presses, locations, timeframes, shifts or operators.
See where there are gaps in your process and make adjustments to reduce waste, increase uptime, run speeds and profits. Why is set-up taking longer than expected? Why does Press #2 always take longer to set up than Press #4? Why did we have less waste two months ago than we do now?

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