Our Initiatives

(according to alphabetical order)

  • #BacktheFrontline campaign: Dasra, through the #BacktheFrontline campaign, has set a goal to raise $10 Million dollars to support 100+ NGOs across India that are leveraging their deep experience on the ground to drive impact at the very frontlines of India’s COVID response. Besides funding, #BacktheFrontline acts as a tool for community building, mobilization, narrative change, and amplification. Funds raised through this campaign will be deployed by partner NGOs in the following areas:

    • Livelihoods
    • Physical Health and Wellbeing
    • Mental Health
    • Government Support and Alignment
    • Children and Families

    Through #BacktheFrontline, Dasra has already committed flexible and unrestricted support to 50 frontline non-profits. These organizations largely focus on addressing urban poor and marginalized, rural, tribal communities given ground intel on their increasing vulnerability to the crisis. This is only the beginning, and our work is far from over. With $7 million of our $10 million targets raised, Dasra is continuing efforts to mobilize greater support for our 100+ local community-based NGO partners.

  • Building Nutritional Equity and Catalysing SDGs 2 and 3:They are working collaboratively to build nutrition equity at a district level. They are looking to reduce the number of pregnant and lactating women with morbidity and mortality, decrease instances of childhood blindness, infections, stunting and wasting. They intend to focus on one district at a time to be able to solve one problem, nutrition, by identifying stakeholders, creating collaborations and finally catalysing the change through system-change and strengthening.

  • #CAC ‘Principle’ Coalition Fund: The #COVIDActionCollab (CAC) is an all-India collaborative, united to provide relief, recovery, and build resilience among the most vulnerable communities. This requires that institutions, ecosystems, and individuals are adequately equipped to effectively respond to disasters. The collaborative consists of organizations and networks working together to build community, institutional, and ecosystem capacities during this period of crisis to enable them to secure the future. To date, the 320-partner strong collaborative has mobilized over 2,000 volunteers, mobilized USD 25 million in the hands of communities through social protection, and USD 27 million raised or shaped for partners via resources mobilized. The partnership is the foundation of CAC, enabling it to achieve the scale required to address the adverse impact of the pandemic. In addition, eminent partners such as USAID and the Skoll Foundation have been instrumental in mobilizing resources for CAC.

  • Covid Livelihood Coalition (CoLive): They were initiated for protection of lives and livelihood of underserved rural communities in the wake of COVID 19. They aim tackle the pandemic through three main interventions; awareness and prevention, treatment and reducing vulnerability and reconstruction of livelihoods. They are currently covering 11 states in India through partnerships.

  • National Care Corps (NCC): They train community volunteers through Pratham, in multiple languages. They train volunteers to provide remote health and livelihood support in rural areas.

  • ‘Principle’ Coalition Fund: ‘Principle’ Fund coalition seeks to shape resources to the ‘right’ places and to make philanthropy equitable and sustainable. The current chaotic and informal system of philanthropy eco-system needs reinvention to reduce duplication and bring in the highest levels of transparency and accountability by all actors, through a set of global principles and aligned actions. The goal is to ensure adequate resources reach organizations, priority communities, geographies, and Issues through global cooperation of philanthropy eco-system players which accelerates SDGs and reduces inequalities (not only with communities but between the global south and north) in philanthropy decisions. The primary and present focus of this coalition is the Fund NOW - to be able to work with the smallest of Social Enterprises (SEs)(NGOs, CBOs, and other social entrepreneurs) working on a small budget and are on the verge of extinction due to the COVID times. Fund NOW would work with donors - both Indian and International, intermediaries and high net worth individuals (HNIs). Visit ‘Principle’ Fund coalition website.

  • Rapid Rural Community Response (RCRC): A collection of 68 livelihood and health organisations coming together to provide rapid COVID relief to communities. Their interventions include direct action by providing support to vulnerable rural community, action research, support for elected representatives and policy advocacy.

  • VartaLeap: GenNation Rebuilding - Nurturing a collaborative leademic of youth response to COVID-19. Community leaders from the ComMutiny and vartaLeap ecosystem collectively impacted 50,000+ households, 250,000+ people with relief efforts in 2020. As the country reels under yet another crisis of the second wave, we are humbled by the leadership of young people and youth workers in our communities, who are once again, at the frontlines of COVID-19 response. We need your support to impact 100,000+ families (numbers increasing every day) through critical care, medical aid, and food security. and 1,000,000+ people through public initiatives on wellbeing in the most marginalized and vulnerable communities in 21 states in India. To support our COVID Response efforts, Donate here!

  • The Villages Matter: Helmed by Goonj, this working group utilises support through their existing pan-India network to provide food and medical aid to the last mile missed-out communities. They have provided ration kits, setup isolation centres, healthcare kits, last-mile health worker kit with oximeters, immediate oxygen needs and cooked food though local community kitchens. They are also working in rural areas with farmers by directly buying fruits and vegetables at market prices from farmers to address disrupted supply chains.

  • TITILEE: TITILEE TELEHEALTH HELPLINE is a collaborative initiative of members of Catalyst India who have come together to provide a simple telephone-based COVID relief support to rural pockets of India where traditionally medical help is not available. Seven organizations are currently contributing their technical and human resources to run this helpline for about 12 hrs a day in about 8 languages. A team of frontline callers and doctors are volunteering to run this toll-free helpline. the seven organizations are involved in onboarding the volunteers, training them, devising and updating protocols, amplifying the helpline on the ground, and raising resources for the medium and long term. In the first phase, TITILEE is offering basic health advice on COVID Care and Vaccines. In the second phase, TITILEE will broaden its offering to Mental health advisory and tech-based prescriptions.